String Instrument Trial Rental Plan

You may rent the instrument of your choice on a monthly basis at a low monthly rental payment.

Childeren renting violins will need to be measured for the proper size of instrument.

You may rent for two years before having to make any purchase decision.
This allows for moving to the next size instrument if your child grows.

Statements are sent on monthly or quarterly rental payments. Rental payments are to be made monthly, in advance.

You may return the instrument to our store at anytime if your child does not wish to continue in the music
program. Return of the instrument, provided the rental payments are current, terminates the agreement, and
you are under no further obligation. Instrument changes or exchanges may be made with the consent of your school
instructor. There may be an adjustment of the rental fee in such cases.

Free repair service will be performed on the instrument during the initial three months. This service covers
normal wear and use, but does not cover willful damage due to careless handling. Our school representatives can
pick up the instrument at your school. Please call the store ahead of time if you need a loaner instrument to use.

We have one of the most flexible and affordable plans in the tri-state area.

Questions about your rental may be directed to our Office by calling 507-452-2712, toll-free at 800-657-4977
or by email at